BELIEVE! Do Not Pay Someone to Publish Your Book! ALLI Agrees.

Your book ready to publish--dreamscape!

Dreams of publication? Yes!

Here’s support from ALLI, the Alliance of Independent Authors, for my claim that you SHOULD NEVER PAY SOMEONE TO PUBLISH YOUR BOOK. Yes, there are some reputable book packagers out there who will charge you for various services, but the chances that you will make back what they charge you are slim. YOU CAN DO THIS YOURSELF. This ALLI article explains why it is so easy to fall for vanity scams. Here’s an important quote:

Many vanity presses will try to persuade authors that they are incapable of producing a professional book without an expensive full-service publishing package. This is particularly effective on authors who may not be comfortable with new technology; the idea of handing off the details of publishing to someone who will take care of it for you is alluring.

Do not be fooled. You can start your book off with a very modest investment if you apply very basic skills to get it formatted and posted. Spend your money on a cover and an ISBN, not on thousands of dollars for “publication” you’ll never get back.

Maybe you’ll notice that I’m very passionate about this. I just hate scams.I swear I'll catch up my SEO!




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9 responses to “BELIEVE! Do Not Pay Someone to Publish Your Book! ALLI Agrees.

  1. I went to a writing event recently and publishers and agents were very against vanity publishing/paying to be published. They said if someone expects you to pay, even a percentage of, the costs, then they obviously don’t have much faith in your story, and will unlikely put the required work into getting it out there.
    Your advice is spot on; self publishing, investing in editorial feedback, a great cover art, etc…is completely fine! But don’t let vanity companies con you into paying for publication.
    Great post!


  2. Agreed; if you are lucky enough to have a publisher wanting your book they will meet the related costs. However, if you want to self-publish without experience I cannot concur that it takes only basic skills to format and edit. Doing the sort of job that prevents a book from screaming ‘amateur’ at every turn does require a good deal of knowledge, and it is worth paying a recommended professional (not one of the rip-off artists) and learning from them towards possibly going solo later. In any case, complete self-editing is a recipe for disaster even with the most experienced writers/editors. Those that try it are mortified when they discover how much a trained outsider’s eye will pick up.


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