Long Time Gone

It’s hard to believe that it has been only two years since my last visit to this blog. Seems like eons since I abandoned Just Can’t Help Writing to do what I couldn’t help: write a new book and get it out into the world. I’m returning with some news about my latest learning curve–not how to publish an ebook (I already knew how to do that), but my experiences with editing as an indie and my struggles to learn how to market out in the wide book world.

I am not an expert. Not one of those wonderful gurus who can tell you how they have sold hundreds of books a day and YOU CAN TOO! I’m not mocking those gurus. I have learned a terrific amount from them already and will share their names with you. Rather, posts here will recount what’s happening to me as I experiment the way I suspect many indie writers do, and, I hope, collect responses and advice from writers who see how badly I’m messing up and know how they can help.

First task, as I guess anyone can see, is to UPDATE. Some books in new covers, some unpublished, and of course news of my latest, THREE STRIDES OUT: A HORSE SHOW NOVEL OF SUSPENSE (at Amazon and Smashwords) and my newly resituated author website, virginiasanderson.com. In addition, I hope to post some account of my adventures once a week and re-establish some old connections.

Let me hear how you are doing if you happen by.


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