I’m feeling a little guilty. . . .

About my last title. Fact is, almost all the tech sites I’ve been “battling” with in one way or another respond promptly and thoroughly and patiently to cries for help. Draft2Digital came back within just a few hours with a fix for my main problem. I’ve had excellent support from MailerLite as well, and generous help from both Amazon and Smashwords. My “battle” was mainly with the template’s determination to do things its way, and I now know that about templates (similar experience with Amazon’s paperback-interior templates—finally went with the blank to get the right margins and less interference but still found simpler is better).

The only thing I can say about the support structure is that the online FAQs and databases almost never answer my specific questions, leading to my need to find the email screen where I can ask for the fixes I need.

So don’t hold my mistakes against any of the platforms I discuss. The learning curves are real, but the help is excellent so far.


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