Writers Beware!

I didn’t know this! It’s worth checking your KDP publications to make sure your buyers are getting the edition you want them to have. Thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape for sharing this.

Have We Had Help?

This is for all self-published writers, both new and old. I recently uploaded a corrected version of the text for my latest novella The Forgotten People to the original I had added and published on the 17th of March this year. Brilliant, I can now expect it to be posted to my books page on Amazon. Right? Wrong!

After communicating with the people at KDP, I realised that it was a case of wasted effort on my part. Why? Because they do not ‘update’ text on any book you’ve already published on KDP. Why not I hear you cry? Why not indeed! While they acknowledged that they could see I had done as I said when they took a look for themselves, it soon became blindingly obvious that while they are there to answer queries, that’s as far as they will go!

Instead, first you have to unpublish the original…

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4 responses to “Writers Beware!

  1. I suppose it’s worth checking, but I’ve updated KDP versions many times and they always went out. Also, the support people at KDP have always been excellent when I’ve had questions. I wonder if there is more to the story he isn’t telling us. It certainly has never been necessary to unpublish/republish to update your book.

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    • Thanks for this point. I’ve had good luck in my few interactions with kDP as well. I always assumed my few updates were published, but maybe it would be worth taking a closer look.


  2. Thanks for the reblog 😉

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