Kentucky Derby Season: A Derby Mystery with All the Sadness and Hope. . .

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“I used to think Dick Francis had no peer. Now I’m not so certain.”

The Maryland Horse

“The Derby is run in less time than it takes to describe it—but the description itself is one of the most exciting whodunit chapters you’re ever likely to come across.”

San Diego Magazine

And my readers on Amazon say:

“The author knows her life on the backside, and it is great to read a book using horses and the racetrack that is so very real to actual situations!
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and give it 5 STARS as a great read.”

“As someone who has trained and ridden race horses myself, I found this story to be riveting and all too accurate. The author gives a clear portrayal of the world of horse racing, of the pressures put on trainers, jockeys, and others who have access to the horses. I was glad to see the author portrayed the horses as living thinking beings with hearts and above all, honesty. The plot is complex as are the stories on the track, and I have no hesitation in recommending this work.”

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