Amazon Categories and Rankings? This Helps!

Learning to market my books: deer in headlights!

Here’s what I sometimes feel like as a marketer: Deer in the headlights!

Well, I bought the book. I’ll report back on how much it helped me in my goal to begin taking marketing seriously. In the meantime, this article on how Amazon rankings and keywords differ in helping me sell my books provided some really useful distinctions.Can you add to this advice?



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2 responses to “Amazon Categories and Rankings? This Helps!

  1. I’ve written about this. The obsession with rankings is completely misguided for midlisters. There is absolutely no value spending your time on that.


    • Thanks! I always get a lot of solid practical advice from you. I appreciated the distinctions in this article, since I’m not sure I fully understood them. But I’m a LONG way from being able to apply this kind of advice, valuable or not.

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