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The #1 Mistake New Self-Publishers Make That Leaves Them Vulnerable to Publishing Scams – by Anne R. Allen…

Another extremely useful post from Anne R. Allen, via Chris the Story Reading Ape. A reminder to us all to DO OUR HOMEWORK if we want to publish and sell our books.

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Publishing scams target babes in the woods

I hear about new publishing scams all the time. Sometimes scammers approach me personally, but more often I hear a sad tale of woe from some newbie who has fallen for the latest con.

This week I realized that almost all the victims of publishing scams have one thing in common: they don’t understand the most important part of the digital self-publishing revolution that started in 2009.

This is the thing you MUST understand in order to be a successful indie author:

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The art of the hand-sell

King of the Roses POD edition coverNow that I have a print edition, I need tips like these! Let me know your strategies for “hand-selling.” I need help!

If you want to sell books at an event, you’ll have to master the art of the hand-sell. It all starts with a smile.

Source: The art of the hand-sell

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