To This I Say Amen!!

I do get so tired of “absolute” rules. Don’t do this, never do that, Stephen King said blah blah blah and therefore it’s sacrosanct. Chuck Wendig nails it with this rant—okay, gentle disquisition—on the “sacred cows” of writing advice.

The grammar policeman will enforce the grammar rules!

Visit from the Writing Police!

I bet you have an opinion on this!



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4 responses to “To This I Say Amen!!

  1. There is one unbreakable rule: finish it!
    Everything else can be flexed and strained to suit the purpose of the story, but if there’s no finished story, what’s the point to all the other stuff?
    Finish it, start again with the knowledge gained from the one before; finish it, start again, etc.


    • So right! I see a lot of people (and remember myself doing it) getting bogged down trying to make first chapters perfect, with the result that the energy gets spent there and the rest dies. You don’t even know what your first chapter really has to do until you know what your book does. IMHO, anyway! Thanks!

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  2. T Francis Sharp

    Amen. I bought and tried to read Mr. Kings book on writing horror. It was filled with a bunch of generalities, rules, and inane must do’s and can’t do’s. And here’s the thing, he’s broken every one of his bits of advice.
    He must have been making stuff up.
    And that’s my favorite
    bit of advice from this piece: Make stuff up.


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