How To Set Up An Amazon Giveaway

Just what I needed! I was hovering over the Amazon Giveaway screens for King of the Roses and discovered I didn’t know how the odds-setting worked. This post, from February of this year, explains it! This is Nicholas Rossis’s “secondary blog” that shows a reblog button, but you can access the original, with many informative comments, here. Now watch for my Giveaway, coming up next week!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon has recently started offering everyone the opportunity to offer a giveaway. What’s interesting about this is that you can run one for pretty much any item in their inventory – except for ebooks. So, you can run a giveaway for your print edition, but not your Kindle one.

Alternatively, you could go all the way and offer people, say, a Kindle. Or, indeed, an item that is somehow related to your books. For example, if you’ve written a cookbook, you may give away kitchen gadgets or aprons. The key here is to be imaginative and original.

So, how would you go about it? Here’s the complete how-to.

Step 1: Find your book

Right after the reviews, you will see a “Set up an Amazon Giveaway” button. If you can’t find it, press Control-F (for Find) on your browser and enter the word “giveaway”…

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6 responses to “How To Set Up An Amazon Giveaway

  1. I ran dozens of these and tested all sorts of variables. Here are my results:

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    • Thanks, alfageeek. More good help from you!

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    • In fact, I discovered I’d reblogged your earlier post, but hadn’t taken the plunge. Question: any reason not to advertise the giveaway in a Twitter ad campaign?

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      • If you are going to go the 1:200 route, then there is no need because you’ll get the 200 people organically from the robot sites and facebook moms.
        If you are going to go the 1:500 route and just re-post over and over, then I guess you could try it. But I’ve been seeing that well-targeted ad campaigns are costing about $0.20 CPC to get any eyeballs lately, so that means you could spend $10 and get just 50 more people to enter. Given the completely unproven value of having an follower on Amazon, I don’t think that cost is anywhere near justified.
        So, bottom line, I wouldn’t advertise the giveaway on Twitter.

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