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You Get Free Book Promotion Every Time You Leave A Comment – by Derek Haines…

Chris the Story Reading Ape regularly shares Derek Haines’s posts. Pay attention! They are always worth a read. Here’s another one I’m going to put to use, starting today!

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Blog commenting is the easiest way to promote your book for free

There are hundreds of ways to promote a book.

You can use free and paid book promotion sites, write a blog post every week and offer free books.

Marketing your book to find potential readers is a non-stop effort if you want to sell your book,

If you have published more than one title, you will know how much hard work is involved in keeping the buzz going for your books and ebooks.

Encouraging people to take an interest is not easy and is sometimes counterproductive.

Direct approaches using social media or even your email list often only achieve very low click-through rates, and poor conversions to book sales.

But when people accidentally stumble upon you without you coercing them, the results can be surprising. In SEO speak, it is called organic traffic.


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This is how you get your book onto a bookstore shelf

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Source: This is how you get your book onto a bookstore shelf

Have  you  had success at getting your books into stores in the U.S.? My guess is that we can best count on independent booksellers–or is Barnes and Noble completely out of the question? In any case, I’m inspired to get going on POD versions of my books to find out. Let me hear about your experiences!Book with heart for writers

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