Thanks for the Help! Looks Like It’s All Working Fine.

Hi, folks! This WAS a test.

I was trying to find out if using the Gutenberg editor affects the way my site communicates with subscribers. I subscribed myself long ago, and have always received notifications when I posted something new. Not so last week when I used the block editor for the first time.

WordPress assured me that the notifications were going out. I followed their advice to try another post. Several people responded—and it looks as if everything is working as designed.

So thank you for your vigilance and support!

I also want to say I was grateful for the quick and straightforward help from the WordPress team. The availability of help like this has kept me loyal to this platform.

Thanks for being a subscriber. I love being part of this community. We all have so much to share.

Love for Literary Fiction!


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7 responses to “Thanks for the Help! Looks Like It’s All Working Fine.

  1. Anonymous

    Haven’t used WordPress, but it’s nice to hear that you got prompt and good support. Not always the case with some apps!

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    • WordPress has been really good across five years of use now. I get really aggravated at the “upgrades,” and don’t care for the Gutenberg editor so far–much less flexible. But is free and easy to figure out. I’m sure I should upgrade to so I can charge for my wit and wisdom, but maybe later, after the world realizes how valuable it all is. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Got it, always get it.

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  3. Got the email notification just fine.

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  4. Ah ha! Came through immediately! That’s a good sign.


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