Punctuating Dialogue! Here’s How.

A single quotation mark.A single quotation mark.I wanted to write this, because I get so frustrated when I’m critiquing and I have to stop following the story line to correct the punctuation of dialogue. But I don’t have to write about dialogue because Reedsy has done it for me. If you’ve ever wondered, say, about what do with em dashes or how to punctuate a quote within a quote, it’s all here! Feast! The five basic comma rulesThe five basic comma rules


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8 responses to “Punctuating Dialogue! Here’s How.

  1. Thanks for this link! I was looking for info about em-dashes and interrupted speech a couple of months ago and missed this article somehow. It has by far the clearest and most complete coverage of the topic.

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  2. Thank you for the post. I didn’t know how to show an interruption of dialogue. I’ve seen the em dash and the ellipses used. I now know how to use each one correctly. Thanks.

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  3. tim sharp

    I’m glad you didn’t mention me by name. Saved and on my desktop. Thanks…I guess.

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    • You are NOT one of the folks I was thinking of. I know I came across like a curmudgeon–guilty, I guess. Anyway, now I have a great source to point to. Much more complete than, say, the Purdue Owl. 😉


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