Update on Amazon’s new Editing policy roll-out

This meme sent me to rereading my uploaded books. So far I did one typo, but not the kind Amazon will tackle, based on Kawanee’s points here. I wonder whether having previously undergone Smashwords’ “auto-vetter” process makes a difference? It is designed to catch formatting mistakes, I think; not sure how it handles typos. I do know that when I posted my auto-vetted texts to Amazon, they were accepted without question. Does anybody know whether going through auto-vetter first will make a difference?


No, Amazon Will Not Penalize Your Book for a Typo

whoa whoa whoa! Amazon spelling penalties?

Here we go again…

There’s a change coming at Amazon. You know what that means.

Panic! Share the first poorly-researched blog post you can find! Scream! Rage at Amazon’s cruelty until your fury is spent and you’re left crying into your ice-cold coffee.

And now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, let’s breathe calmly into our paper bags while we examine the facts.

This week, the Good E-Reader blog announced that “Kindle e-Books will have a warning message if they have spelling mistakes.”

Some authors have taken that headline at face value and assumed the worst: that Amazon will brand any books deemed to have typographic errors — no matter how minor — with a sinister warning label.

The reality is far less dramatic.

The Facts

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