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Chapter 1: I Believe in You!

Chapter 6: Today’s Good News: Even For Beginners, InDesign Is Surprisingly Easy to Learn

Chapter 7: It’s Time We Actually Looked at InDesign!

Chapter 8: The Pages Panel: Where Your Pages Live

Chapter 9: Reality Check: That Can’t Be All You Need!

Chapter 10: Setting Up Masters (Well, I Did Lie a Little: You’ll Use the “Control Panel” Now)

Chapter 11: Next Decision: Where Do You Want Your Page Numbers?

Chapter 12: Let’s Enter Some Text (About Time, Huh?)

Chapter 13: Finally Formatting—Part One!

Chapter 14: Finally Formatting—Part Two!

Chapter 15: Finishing Up—Part One

Chapter 16: Finishing Up—Part Two

Chapter 17: Finishing Up–Part Three (Front Matter)

Chapter 18: What I Learned about ISBNs

Chapter 19:  Ready to Buy Your ISBN?

Chapter 20: Create Your PDF for Upload!

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